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ESSENTIALS for the J Beginner

User Interfaces to J



  • Jd, a J database
  • Labs, the Labs system
  • Modern OpenGL, a 3D graphics API
  • Plot package for business and scientific graphics
  • Publish, a report generation framework with PDF output


  • Ctags provide a means of jumping to name definitions
  • Database J implementations, relational operations, RDBMS interfaces
  • Interfaces between J and .NET, Java, DLLs, third-party applications; Cocoa and Objective C on the Mac
  • Literate Programming encourages good coding style and well-written integrated documentation
  • Component Files J component files
  • DLLs Calling DLLs (shared libraries) and memory management (the cd verb in J)
  • Folders and Projects folders and project management
  • Parsing Lexical, syntactic, semantic analyses and execution
  • Persistence Saving and loading J objects
  • Regular Expressions PCRE2 regular expressions
  • Strings strings and text manipulation resources
  • Sockets Socket interfaces
  • Typesetting characters, fonts, encodings, output formats, on screen or printer
  • Web technologies, CGI framework, web server integration

Window Driver (wd)

See Guides/Window Driver


For J602