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Tips for using the iPad for J's JHS [Not for using the dedicated iOS version of J]

There is special user interface windows on the iPad for jijx and jijs: jijxipad and jijsipad. I find the jijx window to be handy for many things, too. One way to get to the jijxipad window from the jijx window is to manually edit the address bar in the Safari browser.

To enter text in a fresh jijx window just tapping does not work, tap and hold just below the prompt, "J HTTP SERVER". Then after that start, just tapping where text exists works fine.

If you want to try to use the jijx window itself, as well as the jijxipad window, then getting the window's initial attention can be done by double tapping below the line at the top of the window which separates the menus from the entry field.

Labs can be accessed more easily on the iPad using the verb "labs" in jijxipad as follows. (not in jijx)

  • labs ' ' NB. list categories
  • labs 'core' NB. numbered list of core labs
  • labs 1 NB. open lab 1
  • NB. the ipad button with dot is lab advance

Often, especially in the jijx and jijxipad windows, when the keyboard is present it is difficult to see the window's text. Splitting the keyboard into two parts enables better viewing.

Especially to keep the iPad from capitalizing first letters of J code, change general|keyboard in iPad Settings: turn off all, but "enable shift lock".

Single and double quotes are used often. They can be entered even from the alphabetic keyboard by pressing and hold the period and comma keys.

Instead of tapping a link on the iPad, if you want the link to open in a new Tab, then tap and hold the link.

I have found an iPad stylus is more accurate than my index finger. A pricey one that I have liked is's bamboo stylus.

To clear a session and its log and data, enter 2!:5 ' '. To just clear a long jijx or jijxipad window, tap and hold on text, then select "select all" or "select", then delete with keyboard backspace key. Nothing is really lost from the session and can be recovered by refreshing/reloading the Tab.

If you will be entering a long list of numbers you can keep the keyboard from leaving the numeric mode each time you press the spacebar by pressing the "undo" key first before entering numbers.

The sp (simple project) mode does not work on ipad. This is not a failure of sp, but a lack of special keyboard keys.