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J base library has a module for generating GUIDs. For details and different output formats see JSvnBase:packages/misc/guid.ijs

   guidsr , load'guid'

Here we will show how to make stand-alone GUID generators for use directly from the Start menu or command line.


GUID Generator window

We will add a new icon shortcut for the J Start menu. Then selecting the icon will show the GUID in a small dialog and copy it to the clipboard.


  • right-click Start, choose Explore
  • open ... All Users\Start Menu\Programs\J
  • select J 601 and duplicate it: CTRL+C CTRL+V F2, type J GUID, ENTER
  • copy the line below (select it, CTRL+C)

 -jijx -js "exit wdinfo 'J GUID';(([wd)'clipcopy *'&,) guidsr,load'guid'"`

  • open Properties (ALT+ENTER)
  • paste at the end of Target (END SPACE CTRL+V)
  • close Properties (ENTER)


Done. Close the Explorer window. To verify select Start > Programs > J > J GUID.

Command Line

Use directly, alias or create a command script.

c:\j601> jconsole -js "exit echo guidsr,load'guid'"

For example,

c:\j601> jconsole -js "exit echo guidsr,load'guid'"

Contributed by Oleg Kobchenko