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Forums are where a great deal of the discussion about J takes place. Members tend to be very supportive of newcomers, but if you are shy there is nothing wrong with lurking for a while. The programming forum tends to be the busiest and is focussed on solving challenges may be having with the language.
There are six forum mailing lists:

  • programming - - the main forum, covering J programming from beginner to expert, and announcements
  • beta - current beta (bugs, problems, suggestions)
  • chat - all other discussions on computer languages and J - messages welcomed from both J and non-J programmers
  • database - discussions on Jd, the J database
  • general - installation, support, forums, wiki/website and other infrastructure topics
  • source - J engine source

For a complete description of the Forums use this link. System/Forums

J Information on the Web

  • Blogs about J tend to be a bit rare, but here are some links. If you find another or would like to start a blog, let us know. We would be happy to expand our list. Links
  • Rosetta Code - has a strong representation from the J community and contains good information for developing your skills.


There are two Journals that have published articles about J.

User Groups

Of these the most active is the New York City J User's Group. NYCJUG It is online and welcomes J'ers from all over the planet. It even has a section specifically reserved for Newcomers in its agenda.
For the general array language community the British APL Association (BAA) has a bi-weekly on-line meeting. 2023 Schedule
For more information: User Groups

Other Array Languages


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