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J Forum

The J forum is the main way to get in touch with the J community. Feel free to subscribe and participate.

The address is and the archive page is

Posting is restricted to subscribers.

To subscribe, send an email to The message body is ignored. The subject is optional and selects the delivery option. If given, it may be “all”, “digest” or “nomail”:

  • all - receive each email (default if no subject given)
  • digest - receive a digest of at most one email per day
  • nomail - receive no emails. This still allows posting to the forum.

To unsubscribe, send an email to

The forum is run on Google Groups.

Replying to Forum

Forum messages are posted with Reply-To: set to the forum address. Most email clients recognize this, so that the Reply button works correctly.

Mozilla Thunderbird ignores this by default. To change this, open Settings|Config Editor and set "mail.override_list_reply_to" to false.


If you post a message from a gmail account, it will not show in your gmail inbox, even though the message is properly delivered to the forum. Gmail recognizes it already has a copy of the message and does not show it again.

Google Account

Forum subscribers need not have a Google Account. If you do have an account that is linked to the subscribed email account, then you can login and change forum settings, and also send forum messages from the forum archive page. Otherwise to change forum settings, contact the forum administrator.

Note that you could create a Google Account just to let you login to the forum Google Group.


The J Forum was set up on 1 Jan 2024 to replace earlier Mailman forums. The old Mailman search page is no longer updated, but is still available here.

Forum Administrator

For any admin issues using the forum, please contact