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"An interdisciplinary journal on J programming language and applications in science.""

Vol.7, No.1 Jan 2019

  • C. Reiter, Polygon Numbers and Fifty-One Stars
  • B. Therriault, Jig - an Exploration in Interface Design

Vol.6, No.1 June 2018

  • C. Reiter, Finding Automata Exhibiting Complexity via Input Entropy
  • D. McCormick, Calculating Maximum Drawdown
  • N. MacKenzie, A Note on Truth-Functional Self-Duality

Vol.5, No.1 Aug 2017

  • M. Saurer, Document Cosine Similarity using Tf-ldf Model - the J Way
  • N. MacKenzie, TBoxes and Boolean Normal Forms
  • J.C. McInturff, Picks, Points and Polygons Expressed in J

Vol.4, No.2 Dec 2015

  • R.E. Boss, Triangular Fractals by Edge Inflation
  • S. Kamenev, Command Line Program to Calculate Weight.
  • P. Jasmin, The Value of Type Systems for Dynamic Languages
  • J.C. McInturff, A J Solution to a Superior Mathematical Puzzle
  • I. Kádár, Paralleling of XYZ Coordinate-Triplets by User-Defined Unicodes

Vol.4, No.1 March 2015

  • R.E. Boss, n-step Fibonacci sequences in J
  • N. MacKenzie, Notes on Equivalence. Between some Boolean Arrays of Different Rank.
  • L. Alvord, Using Color to See Patterns in Numeric Tables.

Vol.3, No.2, September 2014

  • C. Reiter, J in the Mathematics Classroom
  • J. Harrington, Does J Have a Place in Scientific Computing? (slides)
  • D. McCormick, Intro to Array Thinking

Vol.3, No.1, May 2014

  • Z. Hu, A Rule-based Sudoku Solver in J
  • C. Reiter, Visual Dynamics of the Complex 3x+1 Function Revisited
  • (various authors), Matrix Products : a collaborative work in J forums
  • C. Timko, Changing Basins of Attraction for Rayleigh Quotient Iteration
  • K.L. Galloway, Fractal Characterization of Turbulent Flow
  • B. O'Brien, The Use of Histories and Predictions in Expanding Image Size

Vol.2, No.2 October 2013

  • M. Saurer, Steganography – the J way
  • Z. Hu, J and NodeJS on the Local Machine
  • C. Reiter, Fibonacci Carpets
  • V. Cerovski, Elementary Category Theory of J
  • J. Quintana and T. Costigliola, J Functional Programming Extensions
  • M. Dobrogost, Solving Maximum Flow Problems in J

Vol.2, No.1 July 2013

  • C. Reiter, Prime Factorization in the Gaussian Integers
  • J. Dixon, Breaking Simple Substitution Ciphers
  • D. McCormick, Extending Diffusion-Limited Aggregation to Multiple Dimensions

Vol.1, No.3 October 2012

  • R. Hui, The Zeros of the Partial Sums of e^z
  • C. Reiter, The Story of Fractals, Visualization, and J
  • B. Jacoby, Probabilistic Projection
  • D. Alis, Elegant Expressions
  • M. Paternain, Szegö Curve and J accuracy

Vol.1, No.2 April 2012

  • C. Reiter, Creating Quasicrystals & Garage Doors via Canonical Projection
  • O. Kobchenko, J by Example (spanish translation)

Vol.1, No.1 February 2012

  • T. Costegliola, J for Trading
  • M. Paternain, Q con ejemplos: Traducio y adaptado por

Vol.0, No.1 December 2011

  • A. Holt, Mathematics for Radio and Electronics using the J Programming Language
  • M. Paternain, Correlation in Symbolic Sequences

Vol.0, No.0 November 2011

  • M. Paternain, "Critique" of the Mathematical Abilities of J
  • M. Paternain, Digital Binary Sums