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There have been some efforts to use video to demonstrate J, most notably these efforts on YouTube. There's also an extensive discussion about doing this, with technical tips and suggestions on tools to use.

Bob Therriault

List of videos

Each video has brief comments for context.

  • Arrays - 0:40 - February 2010 - this is an early proof of concept using Keynote to suggest that arrays are an important way of organizing information so that properties that would be hidden become obvious when organized into arrays.
  • Plus_animation - 1:14 - February 2010 - an early attempt to express information visually. This animation used a side by side visualization of manipulated objects and the J ide. Examples were addition of atoms, vectors and length error. Video is of low quality because it is 2010 after all.
Rank 0 arithmetic operations

A series of short animations for rank 0 arithmetic operations . The idea was to provide quick animated explanations that could cross language barriers and to be quickly accessible with low memory requirements.

  • NuvocPlusDyad - 0:16 - February 2010 - first of series of short animations to express the way that rank 0 arithmetic operations are executed on matrices. This one is for addition using 2 X 2 matrices.
  • Plus Reference Video - 0:15 - February 2010 - same as above, just a bit quicker on the animation.
  • Minus Reference Video - 0:17 - February 2010 - shows operation of subtraction using manipulative animation for atoms and shows rank 0 effect on 2 X 2 matrices.
  • Larger Of (Max) video - 0:17 - February 2010 - Shows operation of Larger Of verb using scaled manipulatives and positions of 2 X 2 matrices for rank 0 effect.
Approaches to the plus verb

Series of short animations showing different approaches to the plus verb using animated manipulatives in parallel with J notation animation. Experimental, so there are a variety of subtle differences to the approach.

Arithmetic verbs

Longer versions of the different arithmetic verbs. Based on previous tests with concurrent animations. Usually around 2-3 minutes in length.

Logical Verbs

Logical verbs illustrated using a 'Plumbing' metaphor for circuits.

  • NotOr - 1:54 - April 2010
  • Or - 1:59 - April 2010
  • And - 1:59 - April 2010
  • NotAnd - 1:55 - April 2010
  • Not - 1:00 - April 2010
More rank 0 verbs
  • SignNum - with information on complex arguments - 2:01 - May 2010
  • Square - with manipulative metaphors and numerical manipulations 4:15 - May 2010
  • Double - with multiple data types - 3:28 - May 2010
  • Halve - with multiple data types - 3:25 - May 2010
  • Square root - 2:49 - May 2010
  • Reciprocal - 2:29 - May 2010
J with an enhanced IDE

Some ideas about ways to look at J with an enhanced IDE.

Video Lab experiments based on Roger Hui's 'An Idiosyncratic Introduction to J'
Prototypes of the Jig enhanced add-on
  • Jtypes JHS - 6:34 - February 2014 - Rationale and mechanics of the jig prototype.
  • Jshapes - 7:17 - February 2014 - More concrete examples of the early interface.
  • Lite version of HTML and CSS display in JHS - 1:37 - February 2014 - Based on suggestions by Joe Bogner, Ric Sherlock, Pascal Jasmin and Raul Miller; this video suggests a cleaner approach to the display.
A series of three promotional 'commercials' for J
More Video Labs

In advance of the July 2014 J conference in Toronto, I combined enhanced ideas for display with a platform for video labs.

First run at a video lab player
  • Video viewer through the Jqt IDE - 4:33 - March 2016 - this was broken down and incorporated into a video viewer. Unfortunately this required a lot of work by authors and the format never took off. Still it showed the potential for video in labs.
More evolution of Jig
Instructional videos for selected J verbs

Instructional videos for selected J verbs as a single unit and for use as segments in video labs.

Brian Schott

(TODO: Brian has more J videos here but they're not yet organized into playlists: )

Animation Demos

Introduction to Some More Advanced Features

Installing J

These are from 2009 (j602) and 2011 (j701) but I don't think much has changed.

use the following time stamp links to the JHS video for more control

Michal Wallace (tangentstorm)

Michal has a general programming channel, but so far it's mostly J: J-Talks Playlist

The Ridiculously Early J Morning Show

(Livecoding series focused on building a syntax-highlighted REPL / presentation tool for scripted videos.)

J Programming Tutorials

Recreational Math Talks

Martin Saurer

Martin has a series of 10-minute introductory videos.


By "hoijarvi": talk about array programming in J given at Lambda Lounge, Saint Louis, on 2014-09-04.

By "Audiopedia"

By Tracy Harms: a talk, maybe at the StrangeLoop conference in 2015.

By Ed Gottsman and Bob Therriault