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Michal Wallace

J (and others) Livestream

I usually live stream on twitch for an hour or two Mondays through Thursdays around 8:30pm. I tend to rotate between using J, pascal, godot, and rust... Or whatever else catches my interest...

The twitch streams expire after a week, but some of them are uploaded at (not much J there as of 4/2023, but I have a large backlog of things to upload.)

Some older streams on youtube: The Ridiculously Early J Morning Show

When I do J streams, it's usually about jprez (github), a presentation tool / repl recorder for making programming videos.

J videos

Those are just a couple. See my full 'J Talks' playlist at YouTube

If you enjoy these videos, please like/subscribe/comment, to help teach YouTube's AI how cool I am, and that you want to see more videos like it in the future. :)

(And if you want more J Videos right now, there's also

Other J related stuff

add-ons on github

  • tangentstorm/j-kvm keyboard/video/mouse driver for console-mode (virtual terminal) applications
  • tangentstorm/j-lex a lexer for j source code (like ;: but preserves whitespace and gives you a type code for each token)


I'm often in the IRC channel under the name tangentstorm.

I'm a developer at 1010data. We don't use J much, but we do use another array language called K, and we're always looking for good people. Drop me a line ( ) if you're a vector programming fan looking for a great place to work. :)