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OpenGL 1.x has been decommitted since J802, please switch to Modern OpenGL which supports OpenGL 2.0 or newer. Information on this page only applies to J6.


OpenGL is a 3D graphics API. It is standard on Windows and Mac OS X, while on Linux it is available, but may not be already installed. See Mesa 3D Graphics Library for the latest Linux version.

J uses the API with cd DLL call and the J programmer has the same access as a C programmer. OpenGL drawing is done on an isigraph control with the opengl style.

Quick Start  - Information for users

  • Lab Studio|Labs|OpenGL Introduction describes the main opengl class with working examples
  • Lab Studio|Labs|OpenGL Utilities describes additional utilities
  • For demos, run demo Studio|Demos|opengl
  • See also Studio/OpenGL

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Resources  - developer information

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