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This is intended to be a collection of articles on building a web server using J.

At the moment, this is very much an incomplete system. It can be made to work, but this has not yet been packaged, and currently is here for the educational value.

An earlier page JWebServer/EventHandler has been removed as it uses a decommitted function sdasync.

1. JWebServer/Simple 2. JWebServer/ObjectRequirements (incomplete) 3. JWebServer/HttpParser


Serve files to a browser.

Also, support typical web server features:

    • html form variables
    • cookies
    • basic authentication
    • POST requests
    • browser (and proxy) cache hints
    • CGI
    • ...

See Also

JHP JHP is aimed at people with immediate production needs. JHP allows the use of J in web pages served by apache, IIS and other such servers. JHP uses CGI, and so works with pretty much any web server.