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Plot is a plotting package that provides business and scientific graphics.

Quick Start  - Information for users

  • For an introduction, load J and run lab Plot Package
  • For examples, see Examples
  • An HTML snapshot of the Plot section is available for offline browsing as part of the wikihtml addon.
  • Contrib - user examples and solutions

Explore  - user documentation, see also the top navigation bar.

  • Class - describes the plot class, for example, to include plots on a form
  • Colors - colors used in a plot
  • Commands - plot commands
  • Data - plot data
  • Fonts - supported fonts
  • Function Plots - plotting functions, instead of data
  • Keys - defining keys
  • Multiplots - multiple plots in a single plot window
  • Options - lists plot options
  • Outputs - lists the available outputs
  • Shape - definition of plot sub windows
  • Text - including text on a plot
  • Types - lists the available plot types
  • Verbs - describes the two main verbs, pd (plot driver) and plot
  • Y-Axes - defining separate left and right y-axes

Development  - Information for developers

  • Layout - explanation of plot layout calculations
  • Source - source for plot

Note: The jhs or j playground environments display multiple invocations of the plot verb in a persistent fashion (inline in the "terminal session") while jqt displays multiple invocations of the plot verb by updating the plot window.

Contributed by Chris Burke.