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The following options specify a key.

key - the legend

keycolor - the colors

keyfont - the font

keymarkers - key markers (diamond square circle triangle plus times line).

These are used when the keystyle includes marker or combo. The line style can be used for keys that do not correspond to a marker.

keypos - a list of up to three positions from:

  • left center right
  • top middle bottom
  • inside outside

First-letter abbreviations are supported. The default is lti, or equivalently: left top inside.

Possible key placements are:

horizontal style:     XXX
                     |   |

vertical style:    X +---+ X
                   X |   | X
                   X +---+ X

and similarly for inside keys.

keystyle - a list of up to four styles from:

  • left right
  • boxed open
  • vertical horizontal
  • thin fat marker combo

The marker style uses markers and the combo style uses markers and lines through the markers. The markers used are from keymarkers if given, otherwise from the standard markers.

First-letter abbreviations are supported. The default is lbvt, or equivalently: left boxed vertical thin.


pd 'key Canada China India Japan USA'
pd 'keyfont Arial 8'
pd 'keypos boxed right'
pd 'keystyle for'