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Plot options and their defaults are shown below.

The defaults are set whenever you use the 'reset' or 'new' commands and are defined in script

  • ~system\classes\plot\plotdefs.ijs
  • ~addons\graphics\plot\plotdefs.ijs (for J8)

To customize the defaults, create a script with the same name in your config directory, i.e. with name ~config\plotdefs.ijs, and enter any changed default options. Option values are stored as uppercase global variables. For example, to default to axes without frames or grids, enter the following into your plotdefs.ijs script:

AXES=: 1

Options are specified by providing the option name followed by its argument. Several options can be given at one time, separated by semicolons. For example:

pd 'title My Graph;ycaption Weight (kg);color blue,red'

Multiple character strings can be specified for options of type c such as color,key, xlabel and xcaption, using commas or spaces to delimit them. If the strings contain spaces and/or commas, enclose them double quotes first. For example:

pd 'key wool,cotton,nylon'
pd 'key "wool blanket" "cotton buds"'
pd 'xlabel "Fri, 5 Jun","Sat, 6 Jun","Sun, 7 Jun","Mon, 8 Jun"

Titles and subtitles may take more than one line, with lines separated by the line break tag <br/>. For example:

pd 'title First line (of title)<br/>Second line'

For more examples of option syntax run the Plot Demo (Studio|Demos...|plot) and view the plot definitions (Options|View Definition).

Option Type Default Description
aspect n ratio of graphics height to width (default 1 for pie or radar).
axes b 0 0 if x,y axes are shown (default off since plot is framed)
axiscolor color BLACK axis color
backcolor color WHITE background color
bandcolor colors band color scheme, see Plot Colors
barwidth n 0.75 width of bar in barchart (in range 0-1)
border b 0 if a border is drawn
bordersize n 8 size of border (isigraph units)
boxed b 1 if drawn in a box (3D only)
captionfont font Arial 13 (windows) font for x and y captions
clear b 1 if clear the background before drawing plot
color colors plot colors, see Plot Colors
contourlevels n 20 number of levels in contour plot
edgecolor colors BLACK edge color (ellipse, pie, poly, rect)
edgesize n 1 pen size of edges
forecolor color BLACK foreground color (for axes, text)
frame b 1 if plot is framed
framebackcolor color [#backcolor ] background color of frame area
framestyle n in=inner, out=outer frame, default based on plot type
graphbackcolor color [#framecolor ] background color of graph area
gridcolor color GRAY grid line color
grids b 1 1 if x, y grids are shown
guidesize n 1 pen size of guides (axes and tic marks)
itemcolor colors item color scheme, see Plot Colors
key c [#none ] key legend, see Plot Keys
keycolor colors key color scheme, see Plot Colors
keyfont font Arial 9 key font
keypos c lti key position, see Plot Keys
keystyle c lbvt key style, see Plot Keys
labelfont font Arial 9 font for labels
labels b 1 1[1] if x,y[,z] labels shown
markers c markers (diamond square circle triangle plus times)
markersize n 1 marker size
mesh b 1 if a mesh is drawn (3D only)
output c isi/gtk/pdf output used by plot or pd 'show'
orientation n 2 1=portrait, 2=landscape (printing only)
originxlabel n 0 if show 0 label at axis intersection
penpattern see plotdefs patterns used by pen styles
pensize n 1 pensize for lines, other than edges and guides
penstyle n 0 index into penpattern
piepercent n 0 [#none ] set default pie labels as percentages
plotcaption c Plot plot form caption
polar b 0 if a polar plot, data is r;theta (2D only)
printmargin v 1440 print margins in twips - left,top,right,bottom (default is 1 inch -- A twip is a "twentieth of a point". A point is approximately 1/72 of an inch and in computer systems a twip is considered to be exactly 1/1440 of an inch)
printwindow v 0 0 1000 1000 print window, bottom left, top right
rtic v [#none ] r tics (#major,#minor) (radar plot only)
rulecolor color BLACK rule color
rulesize n 1 rule size
separator c separator for char matrix entries
singtoler n 10 singularity tolerance for function plots
subtitle s [#none ] subtitle text
subtitlecolor color BLACK subtitle color
subtitlefont c Arial 14 subtitle font
symbolcolor colors BLACK symbol color
symbolfont font Symbol 9 symbol font used in point plots
symbols c symbols (square triangle inverted-triangle clubs diamonds hearts)
textcolor color BLACK text color
textfont c Arial 13 font for output from text commands
ticmajor n 12 size of major tic marks
ticminor n 8 size of minor tic marks
tics v 1 1[1] if x,y[,z] tic marks shown
ticstyle c in in=inner out=outer tics
title s [#none ] title text
titlecolor color BLACK title color
titlefont c Arial 15 title font
type c line plot type (see Plot Types)
viewcenter 0 0 0 position of plot center (3D only)
viewpoint 1.6 _2.4 1.5 position of observer (3D only)
viewsize 1 1 0.5 relative sizes of viewbox
viewup 0 0 1 upwards direction (3D only)
visible b 1 if plot is displayed
xcaption* c [#none ] x caption (the text shown along the axis)
xgridpattern* 3 5 x grid pattern
xgroup* [#none ] x group (multiplot only)
xfuncres* n [#none ] x resolution for function plots
xint* n [#none ] position of x-intercept
xlabel* c [#none ] x labels (one label per tic position)
xlog* n 0 if log applied to x values
xrange* [#none ] range of x data - low,high
xtic* [#none ] x tic - (major interval),minor count
xticpos* [#none ] x tic positions

*Options whose names begin with 'x' apply to the x-axis; similar options apply to the y and z axes.

Type Description
b boolean 0 or 1
c character string
color[s] color or color matrix - given by name or values
font font specification
n number
s character string, or
-delimited strings
v numeric list