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JHS is included with the J distribution. No other installation is needed to run JHS.

Start JHS Server

To start a JHS server, run the appropriate script that is in the ~bin directory, i.e.

jhs              - Linux
jhs.command      - OSX
jhs.bat          - Windows

For example, the jhs.bat file includes the command:

"%~dp0jconsole" ~addons/ide/jhs/core.ijs -js " init_jhs_'' "

This can be run manually as follows. Load jconsole, then

   load '~addons/ide/jhs/core.ijs'

If successful, the server console will display a welcome message of the form:

J HTTP Server - init OK

Requires a modern browser (later than 2005) with Javascript.

A : separates ip address from port. Numeric form ip can be faster than name.

Start a web browser on this machine and enter URL:

Start JHS Client

To start the JHS Client, follow the instructions in the JHS Server welcome message.