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These pages document the J8 wd (window driver).

It is similar, but not identical to the window driver in J6 and earlier. When migrating from these earlier versions, some manual conversion of wd definitions is needed. The event handling is essentially the same, however form definition is changed to match layouts. The biggest change is that the old child position and size command (xywh) has been removed. Instead, layouts are done automatically, with layout containers (bins), and invisible stretchers that push controls around when the form is resized. Once you are familiar with the form definition, it should be straightforward to manually edit the old form definitions.

Changes include: a new command "wd 'bin xxx'" specifies the layout bins. A new control "table" defines the QTableWidget grid control. A new command syntax "wd 'set id property xxx'" specifies control properties.

See examples in the menu > help > studio > demos.

Window Driver Overview

Window Controls

Window Driver Child Classes

wd Command Reference

gl2 Command Reference


OpenGL(ES) 2.0 or newer

The wd commands are mainly used for building forms (user-oriented dialogs) whereas the gl2 commands address more basic 2D drawing primitives.