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Several Window Driver commands support menus:

menu id text

add menu item

menupop text

add popup menu item


ends popup menu and drops down a level


add separator line in a popup menu

To add a popup menu item pop1, displayed in the menu bar:

   wd 'menupop pop1'

To add individual items to the popup menu, displayed when the menu is selected:

   wd 'menu item1 "item name"'

This displayes the text "item name", and if selected, the Windows result contains the name item1.

To add a separator line:

   wd 'menusep'

To end the popup menu:

   wd 'menupopz'

To check a menu item:

   wd 'set item 1'          NB. 1=check, 0=uncheck

To enable a menu item:

   wd 'setenable item 1'    NB. 1=enable, 1=disable