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Books For Learning J

Easy J

A 44-page introduction to J for newcomers to the language. The authors provide this without copyright and it is available for free distribution and it can be edited or altered without acknowledgement.

Linda Alvord, Norman Thomson Available in pdf or Word DOC

J Primer

The J Primer is a somewhat linear approach to learning J written one of the developers of the Interface. As its title suggests, it attempts to be an introduction, using mostly the explicit definitions of verbs, a simple program to convert between Fahrenheit and Centigrade, some file usage, some plotting, and even some GUI development.

The text of this book has been added to the releases of J and is part of the online help from JSoftware. [1]

Eric B. Iverson -Copyright Jsoftware 1996 - 2011

Learning J

An excellent introduction and overview of the core J language.

Roger Stokes - Copyright Roger Stokes Available in a J installation or here.

J for C Programmers

This book is a guide for making the transition from scalar languages to J. Early chapters describe J in terms of C, but the reader is weaned off C as the book progresses, and many J programmers ignorant of C have found the book a useful companion.

Henry Rich - Copyright Henry Rich

Available on the web or in a J installation (via Help|Help). The book is available in hardcopy from The book makes reference to a File:Jforc.ijs.

The book has been translated to German, see File:J fuer c.pdf.

J Reference Card

The J Reference Card, a 2-page summary of J primitives, is available File:J602 RefCard color letter current.pdf

A German transcription on 6 pages is available here File:J schnell referenz 20070616.pdf.