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This gives detailed installation instructions for the Raspberry Pi (any version).

Install the J Base System

The base system may be installed under the user's home directory, or in shared folders, for example under /usr. A shared installation requires admin privilege, and will also require admin privilege for updates.

Download the appropriate file from the download page.

Unzip and move to the target directory, usually ~/j804 or similar directories in a shared folder such as /usr/share.

You can now run J by executing, for example:

...> ~/j804/

To start Jconsole from any directory, create a symbolic link to the binary in a folder in PATH. For example,

...$ ln -s ~/j804/bin/jconsole jc
...$ sudo mv jc /usr/bin/jc

(optional) Install addons, including Qt IDE

To install any addons, first make sure you are connected to the Internet, then start jconsole as described above. Note that if you are installing to a shared folder, then you need to start jconsole as root. Then enter one of:

   install 'all'           NB. install all addons
   install 'qtide'         NB. install only the Qt IDE
   install 'slim'          NB. install only the Qt IDE (slim version)

If you later want to customize the addons, do one of the following:

  • in Jqt, select Tools|Package Manager from the menu, select the addons to be installed (or Select All to get them all), and press Install. Or,
  • in the J console, use the Package Manager console interface.

(optional) Qt IDE

The Qt IDE requires some additional Qt Libraries. To install:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install libqt5-default

Then ensure the Qt addon is installed, and run, e.g.

...> ~/j804/

(optional) Change Default Directory Names

J needs directories to store temporary files, configuration files and so on. By default these are in a folder under the User's home directory. To change the folders J uses, follow the instructions here.