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These instructions are for J804.

J is distributed as a base system plus optional addon packages.

The base system is the minimal system for running J applications. It includes two user interfaces:

  • Jconsole, a command-line front-end
  • JHS, a browser-based front-end

The optional addons extend the power of the language, and include:

  • Many packages written in J
    • Packages for plotting, graphics, visualization, and much more
    • Interfaces to popular software packages such as R, LAPACK, and Excel
    • Tutorials and programming tools for the J language
  • the Qt IDE, a congenial programming environment with a modern windowed interface to J, sophisticated debugging tools, and a platform-independent interface to the Qt graphics library. J with the Qt IDE is known as Jqt.

Supported platforms are described in the Platforms page.


Go to the Quick Start Guide to start installation.

To customize the installation, or to understand the setup in more detail, see the pages for the appropriate platform, listed at the top of this page.

Previous Versions

Instructions for installing previous versions can be found here.