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Optional Customization To J Folder Names

Using a release-independent installation folder

The default folder-name (j9.5) changes from release to release. If you want to use a name that doesn't change, you can either:

  • make a symbolic link from the name of your choice to ~install, or
  • rename the J folder from ~install to whatever you want, for example C:\J'.

In either case, make appropriate changes to shortcuts that point to ~install.

Customizing the J folders: user and temp

The user folder, which we will refer to here as ~user, is by default set to HOME/j9.5-user which is often a user directory such as C:/Users/username/j9.5-user. By default user and temp files are created in ~user, which means you have to migrate your files to new releases.

To tie ~user to a specific directory, copy the file ~install/bin/profilex_template.ijs to ~install/bin/profilex.ijs (which should not exist), and then use a text editor to change the line:

user=. home,userx

according to the suggestions you see in the file.

You can also change the temp folder, by default ~user/temp, in the same place.