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m b. Inverses Implemented

initial writing: 2007-10-15
last updated: 2007-10-15

Inverses of the following cases of the bitwise boolean functions m b. have been implemented. x and y are integer atoms.

m    Verb(s)     Inverse
19 left            (m b.)&y self-inverse
21 right  x&(m b.) self-inverse
22 not equal  x&(m b.)  (m b.)&y self-inverse
25 equal  x&(m b.)  (m b.)&y self-inverse
26 not right  x&(m b.) self-inverse
28 not left            (m b.)&y self-inverse
32 rotate  x&(m b.) (-x)&(m b.)
33 shift  x&(m b.) (-x)&(m b.)
34 signed shift x&(m b.) (-x)&(m b.)

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