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J Help System - Wiki Version

Browse the website and wiki. Join the J forums (mailing lists) appropriate to your interests.

There are 6 books (User, Primer, J for C Programmers, Learning J,  Phrases, Dictionary). Every page has standard jumps:

    >> next, << previous
    Pri JfC LJ Phr and Dic to those contents
    Voc to Vocabulary, !: to Foreigns
    Rel to Release Notes and NuVoc to that content
    Help jumps here and the current book is at the end

Practice navigating with the jump line and the browser back and forward to get your bearings.

Most browsers allow you to change font size and support custom stylesheets. The "Stylish" addon for Chrome and Firefox supports per-website style sheets.

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>> << Pri JfC LJ Phr Dic Voc !: Rel NuVoc wd Help Help