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Phrases contents    Title

1. Introduction
  A. Conventions
  B. Loading Scripts
  C. Specimens
  D. Function Tables

2. Primitive Notions
  A. Bond or Curry
  B. Rank
  C. Ambivalent Functions
  D. Adverbs & Conjunctions
  E. Explicit Definitions
  F. Hooks
  G. Verb Trains
  H. Gerunds

3. Indexing & Replacement
  A. Indexing
  B. Merge & Amend

4. Searching & Selecting
  A. Intervals
  B. Locating & Selecting
  C. Test

5. Structural
  A. Structural
  B. Partition
  C. Special Matrices & Lists


6. Sorting
  A. Sorting
  B. Ranking & Classification
  C. Grading

7. Permutations & Symmetry
  A. Permutations
  B. Rotations & Reflections
  C. Parity & Symmetry

8. Numbers
  A. Numbers & Counting
  B. Grids
  C. Representations
  D. Arithmetic
  E. Complex Numbers

9. Mathematics
  A. Matrix Algebra
  B. Linear Vector Functions
  C. Polynomials & Rational Functions
  D. Transcendental Functions
  E. Quadrature & Simpson's Rule
  F. Geometry


10. Statistics
  A. Sums & Means
  B. E Pluribus Unum
  C. Math & Stats
  D. Plotting
  E. Approximation
  F. Random Numbers

11. Inverse & Duality
  A. Inverse
  B. Duality
  C. Transformations

12. Finance
  A. Finance

13. Data
  A. Inside Boxes
  B. Character
  C. Type Change

14. Tools
  A. Execution Time & Space
  B. Date & Time

15. Other
  A. Case Statements
  B. Miscellaneous


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