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J6 Library Changes


Removed obsolete grid autocode.


Removed coextend, and use of COCLASSPATH.


New life demo, with example project, see Life Project


Added ftype - return file type:

   0 = unknown
   1 = file
   2 = directory

Added fapplylines - apply verb to lines of file.

Added freadblock - read file in blocks.

Moved fview to the jview class.

Find in Files

Added inside/outside quoted string contexts.


Added fixargs.ijs to system/extras/migrate.

Form Editor

Rewritten for J6 using a single isigraph (much faster).

Added Lock button (thanks to Bill Lam).


Removed fmt from format.ijs, since superseded by 8!:2.


Grid has been rewritten for J6.


Added Linux support


Removed gbitmap (obsolete method, replaced by glpixel)


Added Bill Lam's ddins to support ODBC bulk insert.

print utilities

Added support for specifying printer name, and print to file.


Made the following changes suggested by Lorin Lund:

sdsendto now accepts a 3 item argument, as well as the previous 5 item argument. The 3 argument case takes all of the address information as a 16 byte sockaddr/sockaddr_in block.

sdrecvfrom now returns both the IP address and the port number in the last item of the result. A new verb 'sockaddr_split' can be used to split this field out.


Moved Fraser Jackson's Note definition from system\packages\misc\fndef.ijs to stdlib.ijs.

Added ucpcount=: # (7&u:) - code point count

Added exit=: 2!:55

Added inv=: ^:_1 (same as inverse)

Added items=: "_1

Added utf8 and ucp to convert to UTF-8 and UTF-16 (if necessary)

Table adverb now shows verb in display


Added isempty - return 1 if argument is empty.

Added isutf8 - return 1 if text is valid UTF-8

view class

Enabled edit, and added a new calling syntax:

  y is header;text;optionlist

where optionlist is a character list of keywords, delimited by commas and/or blanks, all default 0 if not given:

   wrap, noprint, top, edit

Edit result is passed back in view_result_COCREATOR

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