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general/dirutils - Directory utilities

  • Provides verbs for working with directories.
  • Required by the dirtrees and ziptrees Addons.

Browse source and examples in SVN.


addPS v Ensures trailing path separator
dropPS v Drops trailing path separator
dircreate v Create directory(s)
direxist v Check directory(s) exists
pathcreate v Create non-existing directories in a path


Use JAL/Package Manager.


Load dirutils addon with the following line

   load 'general/dirutils'

To see the sampler of usage, run the test.ijs script.

    • Open the script open 'general/dirutils/test'
    • Select all contents using Ctrl+A
    • Run Selection using Ctrl+E

Here is typical session output from the test.ijs script.


See Also

Directory script - ~system/main/dir.ijs.