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  • Provides verbs for zipping and unzipping directory trees.
  • The dirutils addon must also be installed.

Browse source and examples in SVN.


unziptree v Unzip zipfile y to directory tree x.
zipfiles v Add/Append one or more files to a zip file.
ziptree v Zip directory tree y to zipfile x.
ztypes v Get file types for contents of zip file.


Use JAL/Package Manager to install the ziptrees and dirutils addons.


Load ziptrees addon with the following line

   load 'arc/ziptrees'

To see the sampler of usage, run the test.ijs script.

    • Open the script open 'arc/ziptrees/test'
    • Select all contents using Ctrl+A
    • Run Selection using Ctrl+E

Here is typical session output from the test.ijs script.


See Also

  • The JAL arc/zip Addon Cross platform zip utilities.
  • dirutils Addon Generic directory utilities used by this script.
  • dirtrees Addon for copying and deleting directory trees.
  • UnZip script for unzipping a directory tree using the external zip program distributed with J.