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Core system

base9 J9 base library
base8 J8 base library
jandroid   J for Android
jsource J engine source (read only, mirrored from private repository)
qtide Qt IDE source

Other system

jupyter Jupyter notebooks for J


api/expat libexpat - a fast streaming XML parser
api/gles Modern OpenGL API
api/jc api: J to C library (streams/fds/system)
api/jni JNI
api/python3 api: python3 to J shared library
arc/zip zip file utilities
arc/ziptrees Zips and Unzips directory trees
arc/zlib zlib utilities
convert/jiconv J iconv encoding conversion
convert/json json
convert/misc misc convert scripts
convert/pjson A json encoder/decoder
data/ddmysql Data driver for MySQL
data/ddsqlite Data driver for SQLite
data/jd Jd
data/jfiles J component file and keyed file
data/jmf J Memory Mapped File
data/odbc ODBC
data/sqlite Sqlite enhanced API for J
data/sqltable sqltable
debug/dissect Run a sentence and produce a 2D display of results
debug/jig Augmented Display of J results
debug/lint Load a script and check its syntax
debug/tte Explicate a given tacit verb
demos/coins coins project demo
demos/isigraph isigraph demos
demos/publish publish project demo
demos/qtdemo qt demo
demos/wd wd demos
demos/wdplot Plot demos wd emulation
docs/help J Help Files
docs/joxygen Documenting J Scripts
finance/actuarial Actuarial functions
finance/interest Compound interest functions
format/datefmt Date formatting functions
format/printf C-style printf formatting
format/publish builds pdf reports from markup
format/sbox Displaying boxed nouns containing Unicode glyphs
format/zulu Strings conversion package
format/zulu-bare Strings conversion package: BARE version
format/zulu-lite Strings conversion package: LITE version
games/2048 2048 game
games/minesweeper Classic Minesweeper game
games/nurikabe Nurikabe
games/pousse pousse
games/solitaire solitaire
general/dirtrees Copy and delete directory trees
general/dirutils Additional directory utilities
general/inifiles Platform neutral interface for INI files
general/jod JOD J Object Dictionary
general/joddocument JOD Documentation
general/jodsource JOD Object Dictionary Source
general/misc misc general scripts
general/primitives Primitives
general/unittest Unit Test Framework
graphics/afm AFM
graphics/bmp bitmap utilities
graphics/cairo cairographics
graphics/color Color tables
graphics/d3 D3 (Data Driven Documents) for JHS
graphics/fvj4 Materials for Fractals, Visualization and J, 4th edition, Parts 1 & 2.
graphics/gl2 gl2
graphics/gnuplot Create gnuplot graphics
graphics/graph Graph
graphics/jpeg jpeg utilities
graphics/pdfdraw pdf drawing utilities
graphics/plot Plot
graphics/png png utilities
graphics/pplatimg Platform neutral image I/O utilities
graphics/print print
graphics/treemap Displays a treemap
graphics/viewmat Displays a viewmat
gui/cobrowser updated cobrowser
ide/ja J Android
ide/jhs JHS IDE
ide/jnet JNET IDE
ide/qt Qt IDE
labs/labs LABS
math/cal Scientific calculator engine
math/deoptim Differential Evolution for optimization of multidimensional functions
math/eigenpic eigenpic
math/fftw FFTW
math/flann flann
math/lapack LAPACK
math/misc misc math scripts
math/mt Matrix toolbox
math/tabula TABULA - scientific calculator
math/uu Scientific units conversion package
media/imagekit Utilities for accessing 24-bit jpeg, png, bmp image files in J.
media/videolabs Video Labs
media/wav Windows WAV file creation and play
misc/classroom Utilities for teaching classes in J
misc/miscutils Miscellaneous utility definitions
net/clientserver Simple client server
net/jcs J client/server built on zeromq
net/websocket Websocket server
net/zmq J interface to zeromq
profiles/profiles Suggested User Profiles
sockets/socklib Routines for multiple asynchronous sockets
sockets/sockutils Routines for web transactions
stats/base Basic statistics package
stats/distribs Verbs for working with distributions
stats/jserver4r Call J from R
stats/r Interfaces to R statistical package
stats/rlibrary R library using Rserve interface
tables/csv Read and write CSV files and strings
tables/dsv Read/write delimiter-separated files and strings
tables/excel Reads Excel files using OLE
tables/tara Read/write Excel *.xls files
tables/taraxml Platform independent system for reading OpenXML (Excel 2007 *.xlsx) files
tables/wdooo ole automation client
types/datetime Working with dates and times
web/gethttp Retrieve files from web

Install Addons

For development purposes, it is best to checkout the addons repos under an "addons" directory, and make an J folder name ~Addons that points to that directory.

To checkout a complete list, see the addonrepos repository, which has the current repository list and an installer for linux and macos.

Install From Github

To install a package/addon directly from Github, it is possible to do. See: