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=== Outline of J wiki ===

This is a work in progress to provide a structure for the wiki. The plan is to use existing information from the wiki as much as possible to provide content and to use the structure to make the wiki more easily navigable for both newcomers and experienced users.

==== Main page ====
  1. Introduction for newcomers
    1. Introductory video (2-3 minute overview)
    2. For beginners, read Learning J first.
    3. Installing the language (step by step for different platforms)
    4. Play with J in the browser area
    5. Learning resources
      1. Books
      2. Labs
      3. Forums
  2. Resources
    1. Nuvoc
    2. Outside videos and podcasts
    3. Addons
    4. Interfaces
  3. Reference Materials
    1. Essays
    2. Source code
  4. Search options
    1. Categories
    2. ASCII search (J primitives in wiki pages)
  5. Layout of Wiki
    1. General site map
    2. Contributing to the wiki

Note: We should communicate the utility of the specialized ASCII search feature (the only way to scan for J primitives in Wiki pages) versus the standard Wiki search box. The important distinction between the 'Search J Wiki' Box on the top right of the page and the 'J wiki search' link on the left side column of the page often goes unnoticed.Will Gajate (talk) 16:39, 11 December 2021 (UTC)