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wiki/Wiki is a plausible focus page for the wiki's wiki project.

Without being too recursive: we're trying to improve this site, and Category:Wiki and Category:WikiProgress pages tend to capture some of these efforts.


  • landing pages. This should help people with a casual interest find what we have which is relevant to their interests.
  • Host J sessions in browser. This will eventually allow people to see and use J, including some labs and demos, without the hurdle of installing it permanently on a machine.
  • Hygiene. An ongoing effort to fix small problems should eventually result in significant improvements and/or less crud.
Note, here, that we have resources like those listed at Community/Creative_Commons and the content listed under Category:Index which we should get into the habit of linking to, where relevant. Conceptually, we want to build on well-worn paths, while fleshing things out with relevant and enticing examples.