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Jsoftware Inc. holds the copyright for many of Ken Iverson’s publications as well as other J and APL related publications.

Jsoftware Inc. hereby licenses under the Creative Commons License: Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International the publications listed below:

  • Iverson, K.E., Graduate Instruction and Research, Proceedings of the First Conference on Training Personnel for the Computing Machine Field, Arvid W. Jacobson, editor, Wayne State University, 1954-06.
  • Iverson, K.E., A Programming Language, Proceedings of the AFIPS Spring Joint Computer Conference, San Francisco, 1962-05-01 to -03.
  • Brooks Jr., F.P., and K.E. Iverson, Automatic Data Processing, Wiley, 1963.
  • Iverson, K.E., Elementary Functions: An Algorithmic Treatment, Science Research Associates, 1966.
  • Berry, P.C., A.D. Falkoff, and K.E. Iverson, Using the Computer to Compute: A Direct but Neglected Approach to Teaching Mathematics, IFIP World Conference on Computer Education, 1970-08-24.
  • Iverson, K.E., Algebra: An Algorithmic Treatment, Addison-Wesley, 1972.
  • Iverson, K.E., Algebra as a Language, Appendix A of Algebra: An Algorithmic Treatment, Addison-Wesley, 1972.
  • Falkoff, A.D., and K.E. Iverson, Communication in APL Systems, IBM Corporation, 1973-05.
  • Falkoff, A.D., and K.E. Iverson, The Design of APL, IBM Journal of Research and Development, Volume 17, Number 4, 1973-07.
  • Iverson, K.E., APL as an Analytical Notation, IBM Corporation, 1973.
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  • Falkoff, A.D., and K.E. Iverson, The Evolution of APL, ACM SIGPLAN Notices, Volume 13, Number 8, 1978-08.
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  • Iverson, K.E., A SHARP APL Minicourse, I. P. Sharp Associates, 1981-01.
  • Iverson, K.E., Rationalized APL, I.P. Sharp Associates, 1983-01-06; revision 1, 1983-04-04.
  • Iverson, K.E., R.H. Pesch, and J.H. Schueler, An Operator Calculus, APL84, APL Quote Quad, Volume 14, Number 4, 1984-06.
  • Iverson, K.E., Applied Mathematics for Programmers, I.P. Sharp Associates, 1984.
  • Iverson, K.E., Mathematics and Programming, I.P. Sharp Associates, 1986.
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  • Iverson, K.E., Programming in J, Iverson Software Inc., 1990-10, 1992.
  • Hui, R.K.W., K.E. Iverson, and E.E. McDonnell, Tacit Definition, APL91, APL Quote Quad, Volume 21, Number 4, 1991-08.
  • Iverson, K.E., Tangible Math, Iverson Software Inc., 1991.
  • Iverson, K.E., Arithmetic, Iverson Software Inc., 1991.
  • Iverson, K.E., Calculus, Iverson Software Inc., 1993.