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Wiki improvement project

Meeting 1: (11/18/2021)

Updating old content (to accommodate updates in the J language or to make it more relevant/easy to consume)

  • Categorize wiki pages with the purpose of find pages in need of updating or retirement/archival.

Increasing audience/user base and improving search features

  • Improve how new/existing users find solutions to their questions
  • Improve how people learn about J and progress through the language

solutions: create weekly newsletter, ebooks of content, with links back to the wiki.

Wiki development

  • Reward wiki contributors (gamefication features: badges, votes)
  • Make it easy for users to identify and take on wiki clean up work

solutions: utilize stackoverflow and reddit gamefication features. build stackoverflow site.

Meeting 2: (12/2/2021)

Attendance: Bob T., Art A., Henry R., Michal Wallace(J early show), Will G.

  • Reconstruct landing page to provide newcomers with a guided path (runway) for finding the right place to start learning the language.
  • Define group/subject general interest areas (backbone to hang pages on) : Necommer's area| Essays | ... , this structure will give us a target for organizing/categorizing pages.
  * General student of array languages
  * Data Scientist
  * Quantitative developer
  * Web developer
  * Database developer
  * Installing J (detailed instructions per platform)
  • Newcommer pages could have a different color background
  • For outdated pages, a banner could alert page viewers that the content is outdated (community suggestion)

Feature Ideas:

  • Implementing J labs with Jupyter Notebooks (needs J to work with Jupyter Notebook kernel)
  • Executable J code in the browser, to make interactive tutorials on the wiki.
  • Syntatic highlighting for J code snippets on wiki (need to install plug-in for media wiki)
  • Special J font type -> @ sign would look smaller (more like the mathematical symbol)
  • Web Assembly (wasm) compilation of J engine - for running J in the browser (client-side) safely and cheaply. Server does not pay compute costs since J code executed on client side.
  • J plugin for Visual Studio Code
  • J 6.02 Reference Card to be updated to J 9.++ by Rick

Meeting 3: (12/16/2021)

Attendance: Bob T., Art A., Raul M. , Jonathan Hough, Will G.

Near-term goals (targeting end-of-February):

  • Introductory J videos (for new users)
    • A good example of introductory videos for the q/kdb language is Jeff Borror's Q KDB videos
  • Draft of new front-page (possibly via Redirect)
  • New Wiki feature: "Try J" - browser-based J console with labs (Will G., Jon H., Michael W. to tackle)
    • Web-based J Console Demo Joe Bogner, Michael Wallace in the forums (perhaps we can replicate and update the console to new J version, then embed in wiki)
    • J console server, not ideal for embedding from wiki.
    • Blender J Jupyter notebook, takes a 5 minutes to spin up notebook.
    • Can the J labs be incorporated into the "Try J" playground on the wiki? (Bob T.)
  • How best to highlight the ASCII search feature (Advanced Search/Code Search)? (Bob T.
    • Can we use a combination of the Media Wiki search and Chris Burke's J search?
    • Can we include categories in search to allow searching within specific areas of the wiki?
  • What are other languages doing with their wikis. (Raul M.)
  • Can we develop an introduction to J for more experienced programmers as well as beginners? (Art A.)

Questions for further development:

  • How best to highlight or categorize essays?

Application: Folding Lists: Cashflow engine (deterministic case)

Fixed Income instruments (such as bonds and swaps), represent a major share of the world's capital markets. Investors seeking low risk securities value these instruments for their predictable cashflows.

The examples below deploy the new J fold primitives to contract a cashflow engine (i.e. code that translates payment rules into cashflow schedules) and classic risk measures.


Application: Folding Trees: Cashflow engine (stochastic case)