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Ian Clark

Role: Archivist, British APL Association
Former roles: Senior Scientific Officer, Police R&D Branch, Home Office, UK.

Human Factors Engineer, IBM UKSC, UK and IBM Hursley, UK.

Principal Lecturer and Reader in Computer Studies, Sunderland University, UK.

Software Developer, IAChi, Adaytum, Cognos.
Status: retired.
Email: <<MailTo(earthspotty AT SPAMFREE gmail DOT com)>>

Working links for private use...
Vocabulary/Libraries ; KISS ; User:Ian_Clark/KISS/Rationale ; TABULA/ChurchClock-NEW

Vocabulary/Stub ; WorkingNotes ; JDic:vocabul = Voc ; Vocabulary/Glossary ; Vocabulary/AET

Vocabulary/AncillaryPages ; Vocabulary/ErrorMessages ; Vocabulary/PrimitivePaste ; Vocabulary/stdlib

/MyDict ; Vocabulary/JayTaster ; Other links; /sandbox

Vocabulary/GuidelinesForEditingNuVoc ; Vocabulary/PrimitivePaste ;

Click to download font: APL385 Unicode


User:Ian Clark/KISS "Keep-it-simple, stupid" family of customizable JHS clients as OS X apps
NuVoc The Accessible Dictionary easy alternative to the J Dictionary for newcomers
Vocabulary/Unreadability The alleged unreadability of J why is J singled-out for its perceived unreadability?
User:Ian Clark/credo Artificial Catholicism case study in translating from BASIC to J
Addons/format/zulu ZULU: Stringlist conversion package library of verbs to convert stringlists between different formats
Guides/Tacit_to_explicit_roadmap Tacit to explicit (explication): a roadmap explaining tacit code: a survey of relevant stuff in J Help and J wiki
Scripts/Belcanto Controlling the Eigenharp via Belcanto from J the key to writing J apps for the Eigenharp
Scripts/HiveOff Hiving off the JWD interface a technique to split off a wd-based UI into a separate app
Essays/Unicode Histogram Unicode Histogram a simple histogram in unicode chars, with animated demo
Scripts/AliveDemo Asking "Are You Alive?" Ultra-simple inter-process communication using mapped files
User:Ian Clark/KillerApp The killer app -- how to make millions... Invited paper; APL Berlin 2000
User:Ian Clark/JinaDay J In A Day -- survival J for APL programmers prototyped on-line course for eventual publication in VECTOR
User:Ian Clark/iCan iCan -- Mac icons to run a given J script copiable icon for dropping-into Dock, runs eponymous script
APWJ At Play With J by Eugene McDonnell J community venture, published by Vector Books
User:Ian Clark/LoBrow LOBROW: a lo-intelligence J-locale browser in-situ defn editing, generating script of updated locale
TABULA TABULA: On Beyond The Scientific Calculator implicitly converts units, DB of constants, retrofits alteration to calculated values
APL2JPhraseBook An APL to J Phrasebook For APLer learning J: what's the J primitive for a given APL primitive or construct?
User:Ian Clark/APLChars APL chars for reference and code composition APL chars in Dyalog ⎕AV layout, plus screenshot to verify APL385 Unicode font installed
User:Ian Clark/AplPalette APL Palette for on-screen typing of APL chars crudely designed, but serviceable for APL code on jwiki
Guides/UnicodeGettingStarted Getting Started with Unicode in J a complete beginner's introduction to J support for Unicode
User:Ian Clark/YellowJ Terminate a timer-process with the yellow J A technique for watching the jbreak file to see the timestamp change
MacSnowLeopardInstallBug Mac Snow Leopard 32/64-bit Java bug Overcoming a once-frequent glitch on the Mac
Guides/Covering_a_verb Probing a J utility by covering verbs a technique to show the x- and y-arguments a given verb is being called with