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A man orders a bespoke tailored suit from Izzy the Tailor. But when it arrives, he starts complaining.

"The left sleeve is too short."

"Well, just hunch-up your left shoulder until the cuff comes where you want it."

"The hemline of the jacket is too high at the front."

"Well, stoop a bit until the hemline's level."

"The left trouser leg is too short. It doesn't reach my ankle."

"Well, stand on tiptoes with one leg until it does."

The customer goes hobbling off down the street. A man comes up and claps him on the shoulder. "Say bud, who's your tailor?"

The customer awkwardly points back the way he came. "Izzy…"

"I'm going to Izzy," exclaims the man. "He's a genius to fit a cripple like you."

How about Izzy the Genius Software Developer?

Based on the celebrated parable in Gerald M Weinberg, The Psychology of Computer Programming. So as not to violate Gerry Weinberg's copyright I have ad-libbed the story from memory. Ian Clark 11:30, 11 September 2021 (UTC)