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LoBrow: a browser to examine the contents of any J locale

LoBrow script

This is the version which gives the screenshots below: File:Lobrow OLD2.ijs

This is a newer (beta) version, with a lot more functionality: File:Lobrow.ijs

(it seems to load and run ok with JQt (j805))

How to use it

Run: lobrow.ijs (downloaded as above). You'll see the main form appear:


Click the name of a locale (in this case: z).

You'll see the lower listbox fill up with the names of objects in the chosen locale.

You can shorten the list by clicking the checkboxes: Nouns Adverbs Conjuncts Verbs.


Click the name of an object (in this case the verb fcopynews).

Its definition appears in the big panel.

You can edit the object conventionally by clicking button 'Edit'.
The displayed text appears in a new .ijs window.
Make changes and do
Menu: Run > Window as you would normally.


Click the box +Locale.

The object name in the big panel gets suffixed by its locale.

When you edit this definition in a new .ijs window, it will be put straight back into its proper locale.


You can view the definition of a noun, too.

Here we see the noun LOBROW in the locale: 'lobrow'. It happens to be the form definition, as created by the J Form Editor.

In this format it's often good for writing back with minor changes, since it is in a format which will re-execute to rebuild the original object. (It's not always in such an illegible form).


But sometimes you want to read the text as though you had simply entered LOBROW in the J session.

Click checkbox: As Text.

You'll see the big panel change into something more readable. (This only works with nouns.)


Other things you can do:

  • LoBrow takes snapshots of each panel display.

You can browse earlier displays by clicking the buttons <- and ->. Get back to the latest display by clicking button -->||.

  • Copy/paste the big panel by button Copy.

This lets you paste a definition into a script you've already got open.

  • Dump the contents of the selected locale as a J script (right-hand bottom button: newer version)


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Contributed by Ian Clark