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iCan for j602 (Macintosh edition)

Have you ever wanted a launcher app which can sit in the Dock and run a J script? More than one, perhaps?


1. Download the disk-image file: File:J602a mac iCan.dmg

2. Open the .dmg to make a virtual disk appear on your desktop.

This will show you these folders:


The folder: /to_folder_j602 will open to show you:

To folder j602.jpg

3. Move the contents of the folder named: /to folder j602 into: /j602, and move the contents of the folder named: /to folder j602-user into: /j602-user.

4. Double-click the orange icon in /j602.

If you don't see the J session window appear, then move the contents of the folder: /alternative icons into: /j602. (Click: replace). This will replace the 3 icons deposited there at step 1.

The only thing different about the replacement icons is that they omit the "-d32" flag when launching java, which is what older Macs mostly need.

What the icons do

Each icon launches J and then runs a script in your /j602-user folder having the same name as itself. Thus: runs the script: ~user/myorange.ijs.

(NB. the script: myorange.ijs is an elementary one that does nothing else but show a dialog box. Ditto: mygreen,ijs, myblue.ijs.)

To attach an icon to a given script, eg calc.ijs, simply duplicate any one of the three icons provided, eg, and rename it, eg: You can have as many of these duplicates as you like, optionally dropping them into the Dock for convenient launching from the desktop.

(NB. the script: calc.ijs is provided in the disk-image as a sample to play with.)

Apart from being different colours (to help you distinguish your script-based applications), the blue and green icons are identical. Both suppress the J session window.

The orange icon is different. It launches J with a session window. When you terminate your script, the session window remains open, unless of course your script calls exit''. (2!:55''). The orange icon also writes a text file of the same name containing debugging information. This appears in the /j602 folder just as java is launched, overwriting any previous such file.

How to use the icons

Develop your script using an orange icon. Once you're satisfied it can run without the session window, substitute a green or a blue icon instead.

-- Ian Clark <<DateTime(2010-12-07T20:27:54Z)>>