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Overview   Platforms: Windows · Linux · Mac · PocketPC   Other: Special Installations


The installation of J has been extensively modified for version 6.02 and it is now simple to install J to suit most use requirements. Installation instructions for versions prior to J 6.02 can be found in the Download Archive.

There are three main types of J installation

A Standard install is the simplest to get up and running and does not require Administrative privileges, either during install, or for later JAL updates. JSoftware recommends a Standard install for most situations.

A System install will require Administrative privileges for installation as well as all subsequent JAL updates. A system install is useful for situations where multiple users share the same J installation.

A Custom install can be used to install J to the folder of your choice. For example a custom install can be used to provide a complete and portable J installation on a USB memory stick.

The type of installation will determine the location of the folder containing the J binary files and system library scripts (<Jinstall>).

By default the folder containing user files (<Juser>) is created in the user's <HOME> folder the first time J is started. The location of the user's <HOME> folder will depend on the Operation System (OS) - see Folder Summary for typical locations. You can customize the location of <Juser> by creating an appropriate profilex.ijs file.

Installation by Platform

J has different distributions available for the main supported hardware and Operating Systems. Download the distribution for the platform of your choice from the Download Stable page and then follow the approprate installation instructions.

Important.png The version of the Base library included with each downloadable install package is not necessarily the most up-to-date version (it is actually the version of the Base library that was current when that version of J was initially released). Use the Package Manager to update your Base library to the most recent version once you've installed J.

Special Installations

There are times when users may need or want a "special" installation to handle some specific requirements.
The Special Installations page discusses how to implement some of these. For example:

  • J installations to be shared by multiple users
  • USB memory stick installations of J
  • how to customize the location of <Juser> folders.

Folder Summary

<HOME>:: The location of the user's <HOME> folder will depend on the the OS as well as any customizations to the OS (e.g. Policy settings). Typically it will be:

WindowsXP C:\Documents and Settings\<username>
Windows Vista C:\Users\<username>
Linux /home/<username>
Mac /Users/<username>

<SYSTEM>:: The location of the <SYSTEM> folder (the OS location for installing applications so they are available system wide) will depend on the OS. Typically it will be:

J32 on Win32 C:\Program Files
J64 on Win64 C:\Program Files
J32 on Win64 C:\Program Files (x86)
Linux /usr/local/lib
Mac /Applications

<Jinstall>:: The <Jinstall> folder contains the J binary files, system library, tools and addons. Its name depends on whether the 32- or 64-bit version is installed. J32 : jxxx
J64 : j64-xxx where xxx represets J's major and minor version numbers. E.g. j602 for version 6.02.

<Juser>:: The <Juser> folder contains a user's own scripts and customized configuration data. J32 : jxxx-user
J64 : j64-user-xxx where xxx represets J's major and minor version numbers. E.g. j602-user for version 6.02.

Paths to <Jinstall> and <Juser> by Install type::

Path to: <Jinstall> <Juser>
Standard Install <HOME>/<Jinstall> <HOME>/<Juser>
System Install <SYSTEM>/<Jinstall> <HOME>/<Juser>
Custom Install <your choice>/<Jinstall> <HOME>/<Juser>
Custom Install with profilex.ijs <your choice>/<Jinstall> <your choice>

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