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Multiple Users

Multiple users can share a single J installation. Each user will automatically get their own <Juser> and <Juser>/temp folders in their <HOME> folder.

The simplest way to share a J installation is to do a System Install. However it is possible to share either a Custom or Standard Install too, if the following steps are taken:

    • provide all users with read permissions for the <Jinstall> folder
    • provide read/write permissions to the <Jinstall> folder for the user who is primarily responsible for J and updates and maintenance
    • provide all users with a convenient way to run J. This will vary across platforms.

Customize Location of User folder

The default <Juser> folder is <HOME>/jxxx-user (or <HOME>/j64-602-user). Override this and the location of other folders by creating an appropriate profilex.ijs in your <Jinstall>/bin folder.

<Jinstall>/bin/profilex_template.ijs is a template for profilex.ijs and contains examples of common use scenarios. Copy <Jinstall>/bin/profilex_template.ijs to <Jinstall>/bin/profilex.ijs Study the examples in the profilex.ijs file before making changes.

For example, if you installed J in c:\j and want the <Juser> folder to be in the same folder as the install (i.e. c:\j\jxxx-user), then:

1. copy c:\j\bin\profilex_template.ijs to c:\j\bin\profilex.ijs 1. edit c:\j\bin\profilex.ijs and uncomment example 4.

NB. example 4: user in same folder as install
user=.   (PATHSEP_j_(i:~{.])install),userx

If your changes prevent J from starting properly, you can always delete your profilex.ijs file to restore normal functionality.

USB Memory Stick

You can copy a <Jinstall> folder to a USB memory stick for a complete and portable J installation. If you want the <Juser> folders to be on the memory stick you need to create a profilex.ijs file in the memory stick <Jinstall>/bin folder. See Customize Location of User folder for more information. You will want to edit profilex.ijs to have <Juser> within the <Jinstall> folder.

If you don't put profilex.ijs in the <Jinstall> folder on the memory stick, the J system will put the <Juser> folder in the user's <HOME> folder.

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