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Overview   Platforms: Windows · Linux · Mac · PocketPC   Other: Special Installations

J requires PocketPC Windows CE 4.20 (PocketPC 2003) or later.

JSoftware strongly recommends putting j602 folder in your PocketPC at \ (same level as the Windows folder). Install as follows:

1. unzip in a temporary folder on your desktop computer 2. copy j602 folder to your PocketPC (Confirm File Copy - Yes to All) 3. copy j602\J602 (J shortcut .lnk file) to \Windows\Start Menu\Programs

Click Start, Programs, J602 to start J.

Reboot (soft reset)

You may have to occasionally reboot your PocketPC. This is typically done by pressing the stylus in a hole in the back (check your manual!).

Install Help files

You can have the same J help on your PocketPC as on your desktop. Copy the J help folder from your desktop to your PocketPC main memory j602 folder or to your storage card j602 folder. J Help menu commands look in \j602\help folder and if not there, in the storage card.

Running a 2nd copy of J

If J is running, clicking the J icon brings it to the forground. To start a second J session, run shortcut Jx602 (Start|Programs|File Explorer|j602|Jx602).


PocketPC shortcuts (.lnk) files are text files with format: nn#"<path to exe file>" <parameters>
J602.lnk file is: 17#"\j602\bin\j.exe"
Jx602.lnk file is: 23#"\j602\bin\j.exe" -jnew
The shortcut to run app.ijs without an ijx is: 31#"\j602\bin\j.exe" -jijx app.ijs

Locate the shortcuts into My Device, Windows\Start Menu\Programs for them to show up in the Programs list.