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Base Library Scripts Change Log

Version 6.02.054 (2011-01-03)

  • changes for unicode version of win32 api calls

Version 6.02.052/3 (2010-11-22)

  • fixed odbc and opengl cd calls
  • changes for forward compatibility with J7

Version 6.02.051 (2010-03-30)

  • added support for locked files in appdist
  • fixed bug in printf e-format

Version 6.02.050 (2010-02-04)

  • fixed memory leak in jmf
  • added console/session support for scriptdoc

Version 6.02.048/9 (2009-6-11)

  • added console/session support for Package Manager

Version 6.02.046/7 (2009-2-13)

  • fixed absolute pathnames in building applications lab
  • added git gui/git state menu to project manager in unix

Version 6.02.045 (2008-11-08)

  • fixed error checking for MapViewOfFileR in map_jmf_

Version 6.02.044 (2008-11-04)

  • added test for matching beginning and end of multiline definitions in Format Script
  • added ISO 8601 weeknumber verbs to dates script
  • added check and query script readonly status in Form Editor
  • fixed bug in clipboard copy in virtual grid

Version 6.02.043 (2008-10-16)

  • fixed bug in map_jmf_ re incorrect signed integer arithmetic

Version 6.02.039/42 (2008-09-30)

Changes to Plot:

  • added gtk output type, see GTK
  • added unicode support for symbol type (isi/gtk)
  • fixed bug in 'output xxx' left argument to plot.
  • fix bug in multigroups
  • improved positioning of y labels

Version 6.02.038 (2008-09-16)

  • fixed createjmf to coerce argument to integer

Versions 6.02.036-37 (2008-09-05)

  • added several new verbs to strings script

Version 6.02.035 (2008-09-03)

Version 6.02.034 (2008-08-27)

  • fixed bug in map re reference to DELIM in jmap

Version 6.02.032-33 (2008-08-25)

  • fixed bug in Plot re output to paths with spaces
  • fixed bug in Plot re Poutput not defined
  • fixed bug in USERFOLDERS to support single-character folder names
  • improved support for SVN and snaps in Project Manager

Versions 6.02.030-31 (2008-08-11)

  • fixed dirmatch bug in SVN target selection; rearranged menus; docs put on wiki

Version 6.02.029 (2008-08-06)

  • fixed api for J64 in dirbrowse, menu and odbc scripts

Version 6.02.028 (2008-07-24)

  • fixed bug in log plots, see forum.

Version 6.02.027 (2008-07-18)

  • added J64 support for mapped files, in jmf script
  • added J64 support for odbc (except for ddins)
  • improved pacman dialog layout
  • fixed bug in startup script test for IFJIJX, see forum.
  • fixed AdjustTokenPrivileges definition in win32api.dat
  • fixed bug in verb fold in format script
  • fixed error in Polynomials lab

Versions 6.02.025-026 (2008-06-04)

  • added sorting to Hierarchical Grid
  • added create jbreak folder to start up, in case deleted
  • added verb cofindv to coutil - returns found nouns and values
  • added jssc/jsss shortcuts for scripts in system/classes/cs
  • added menu option for Directory Match: "detail compare ignores leading and trailing whitespace"
  • added fcomp option in script compare for leading and trailing whitespace
  • fixed jmf file signatures for 32/64 bit
  • fixed 2-up printing to better support utf8
  • fixed Hierarchical Grid for read-only
  • removed non-functioning print option from Plot demo