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J Application Library


The J application library consists of:

  • the base library, which has utilities required for the development system. This is always included with the distribution. The source is the Jsoftware base8 github repository.
  • the addons library, almost all of which are optional additions. The one exception is the JHS addon, which is also included with the distribution. Each addon is sourced from its own github repository.


The addons library includes:

  • a core set of addons that is available for download from the Jsoftware server. For this there is a console interface and a Jqt GUI interface. When a new commit is made to a source github repository, then if necessary, the corresponding download package will be automatically updated.
  • other addons that can be installed directly from github

See Addons/Installation for instructions.

Each addon is installed in a two-level directory under the local addons directory. The load and require verbs support shortnames matching the directory names, for example

load 'web/gethttp'
load 'convert/misc/base64'

are equivalent to:

load '~addons/web/gethttp/gethttp.ijs'
load '~addons/convert/misc/base64.ijs'

Addons Documentation

The starting point for addon documentation is the wiki page Libraries. Each addon has its own documentation page on the wiki, named with its installation directory name, for example Addons/arc/zip.