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This script defines break utilities and is included in the J standard library. Definitions are loaded into the z locale.

setbreak 'default' is done by profile for Jqt. JHS and jconsole can use ctrl+c.

setbreak creates file ~break/Pid.Class and writes 0 to the first byte. Pid is the process id and Class is normally 'default'.

setbreak calls 9!:47 to map the first byte of the file. JE tests this byte for break requests. Another task writes 1 or 2 to the file for attention/break.

9!:46 returns the filename.

A new setbreak replaces the old. A non-default class protects JE from the default break.

break 0 displays breakhelp.

break v break J execution
breakclean v erase orphan break files
breakhelp n break help
setbreak v set break file