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This script defines the class/object library and is included in the J standard library. Definitions are loaded into the z locale.


C coclass, cocreate, cocurrent, codestroy, coerase, cofullname, coinsert, coname, conames, conew, conl, copath, coreset

coclass v set class/object class
cocreate v create object
cocurrent v set current locale
codestroy v destroy current object
cofullname v return name with locale qualifier
coname v return current class/object name
conames v formatted class/object name list
conew v create object
copath v set/get class/object path
coreset v destroy object locales,

coerase (verb)

Erase object.


coerase <'jzplot'

coinsert (verb)

adds argument and copath of argument to current path.

paths are in order of argument, except that z is at the end.


coinsert 'cdir'
coinsert 'cdir pobj'
coinsert 'cdir';'pobj'

conl (verb)

Return class/object name list.


conl n