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This script defines J session utilities ((J application development environment) and is included in the J standard library.

Definitions are loaded into the j locale with cover functions in z.


J jpath
L load, loadd
R require
S scripts, show
W wcsize
X xedit

jpath (verb)

Convert folder name to full path.


   jpath '~bin/profile.ijs'

For more information, on folder names see Folders and Projects.

load (verb)

load scripts

Argument is a list of names, as full or relative pathnames, or script shortnames.


load 'numeric plot'           - load numeric and plot scripts
load '~system/main/task.ijs'  - load the task script

load calls the utility getscripts_j_ to resolve names, for example:

   >getscripts_j_ 'numeric'

loadd (verb)

load scripts with display

This is the same as load except that the script is displayed as it is executed.

require (verb)

load scripts if not already loaded

scripts (verb)

this lists the script shortnames, which are stored in Public_j_.


scripts ''        NB. list names
scripts 'v'       NB. list names with corresponding scripts

show (verb)

show names using a linear representation

Useful for a quick summary of definitions.


show namelist  (e.g. show 'deb edit list')
show numbers   (from 0 1 2 3=nouns, adverbs etc)
show ''        (equivalent to show 0 1 2 3)


   show 'IF*' nl_z_ 0
IF64=: 1
IFJA=: 0

wcsize (verb)

Return size of console, as columns and rows.


79 24

xedit (verb)

Load file in external editor.


xedit file [ ; row ]   (row is optional and is 0-based)