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Locale Improvements

initial writing: 2001-01-02
last updated: 2004-10-26

Locales (symbol tables) have been improved in the following ways:

A locale can now contain an effectively unlimited number of names
Locales now use space more efficiently (the more so for nearly empty locales)
18!:3 is extended to specify the size of the hash table for a new or empty locale
18!:3 is extended to create named locales (previously it only created numbered locales)

and 9!:39 query/specify

the default size of the hash table for a locale

On starting J, after loading the profile, 7!:0 (space currently in use) reads as follows:

   1052736   J 4.05
    488064   J 4.06

Of this improvement, 300K are from locale improvements; the other 250K are from the reduction in space consumption for explicit definitions.

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