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These instructions are for J805 and later stable editions. For beta installation, see Installation/Beta.

J systems are available for a number of platforms and can be installed and redistributed for free.

J is available as a base system plus optional addon packages.

The base system is the minimal system for running J applications. It includes two user interfaces:

  • Jconsole, a command-line front-end
  • JHS, a browser-based IDE

A Qt-based IDE is also available in the addons.


Most Windows or Mac users will want to use the All-in-One install.

Linux users who want a debian package should use the Linux deb install.

Android users should use the Android apk install.

Experienced users who might want more control over the steps allowing more customization, use the Archive install.

Website Files

The J805 download file list can be found here.

Previous Versions

Instructions for installing previous versions can be found here.