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J806 release of xx xxx 2017

Changes to the base system

The Windows J engine is updated to J8.06

New features:

  • u@n (where n is a noun) is now allowed, and executes u on the value of n, ignoring any arguments (equivalent to u@(n"_))
  • u :: n (where n is a noun) is now allowed, and gives the result n if u fails (equivalent to u :: (n"_))

Performance improvements (timings taken on 64-bit Windows):

  • (x -: y) coded to be a bit faster for boxed arrays
  • (x -:!.0 y) coded significantly faster on floating/complex arrays by avoiding code to replace -0 with +0
  • (x +/ . * y) coded using block tiling with BLAS micro kernels which take advantage of SIMD instructions (if supported by the user's CPU).
  • (x +/ . * y) executes on multi-cores (if OpenMP is available) to perform parallel calculations.
  • The i.-family has been recoded to use improved algorithms and AVX/NEON instructions

Changes to the Qt IDE

Changes to the Qt IDE Window Driver