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Beta release of Feb 2018

Changes to the J engine

The initial J807 beta uses the J806 engine. This will be updated in a later beta, with changes including:

Changes to the base system

  • Update regex to PCRE2 with standard (not POSIX) interface. This also fixes multiline bugs that had been reported. Documentation at Regular Expressions.
  • Move most of the Help|User Manual to the wiki.

Changes to the Qt IDE

  • fix segfault on exit on some linux systems
  • add support for case-sensitive drives and folders in Windows, see Windows case-sensitive
  • add QWebChannel support for webview (full Qt 5.6 or later), see demo at Help|Studio|Showcase|webview
  • add load event for webview (full Qt 5.6 or later)
  • add wd 'sm profont {fontspec}' command to set proportional font
  • add TabWidth config option
  • add open image and pdf files from editor
  • add Form resize event
  • add menu item show|hide
  • improved textview, with zoom/line numbers/full screen/word wrap, see Ctrl+H in a textview window