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(u b.) y Verb Information Adverb

Rank Infinity -- operates on x and y as a whole -- WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT?

Generates one of 3 diagnostic functions associated with verb u according to the value of flag y

y resulting function
_1 the linear representation of the obverse of u
0 the (monad,dyad) ranks of u
1 the linear representation of the identity function of u
   u=: ^     NB. antilogarithm
   u b. _1   NB. what is the obverse of u? --the logarithm.

   u=: <
   u b. 0    NB. what are the ranks of u?
_ 0 0

Common uses

1. Discover the basic characteristics of a given verb.

2. Find the rank(s) of a given verb.

More Information

1. The result of  u b.y is a numeric list if y is 0, or a character list if y is _1 or 1.