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To contribute a script, edit this page, creating a link to a new page under Scripts and a brief description. Then visit the new page and fill it with your script along with documentation for its use. If you want the page to be Owned, which will prevent other users from modifying it, contact an administrative WikiGnome for help. Otherwise the page will be Open and can be modified by all.

You can make it easier for others to use your script if you create a downloadable attachment containing it. To do so, insert the tag

attachment:attachment-name (example: attachment:alphabeta.ijs)

somewhere in your script's page. When you save the changes to your page, you will be prompted to supply the file, which will be saved in the Wiki as an Attachment. You can look at the attachments to a page by going through the 'More Actions' dropdown box under the tabs at the top of each page.

If you want to comment on the contents of a page, insert your comments in the page itself, or if the page is Owned, insert your remarks on this page.

Scripts can be installed anywhere in your system. A convenient place for scripts is the misc subdirectory of addons, i.e. jpath '~addons/misc'.

Script name Despription
1D Rubik's Cube Given a scrambled line, find the shortest sequence of rotations to restore the original position
Alpha Beta is a structure for solving two-player games using alpha-beta pruning. You supply the functions to evaluate positions and suggest moves
APLsf reads APL*PLUS sf files into J
Big Files example of how to work with files larger than 2 gigabytes. The application breakupBigFiles2CD.ijs allows us to break up large files into smaller pieces and to re-assemble them
Arc Four provides a tool for encryping and decrypting strings using the Arc 4 algorithm. Arc 4 is Compatible with the RC4 algorithm per Schneier's Applied Cryptography, 2nd edition
Cards Generator generates a deck of cards as a graphical bitmap suitable for visualizing card layouts. The deck contains 52 cards, a joker, two coats and a blank
Chess Generator lays out a chess board using a graphical bitmap suitable for visualizing chess problem or puzzle layouts
Color Adjust applies color adjustments to an image using brightness, contrast and gamma with a curve plot against the image histogram
Cp2utf8 converts plain text files in codepages to utf8
DDE Client Class provides a J API for a Windows DDEML client. The verbs issue DDE requests or DDE executes
Diagram drawing prototype
Source Dest Dir to bring up an input window requesting the user to supply a "source" and "destination" directory; has explicit event-loop handler and uses the directory browsing facility
Directory Trees contains verbs for copying and deleting directory trees
Edit Extension an extension to the edit verb
Editable wdview is an editable version of wdview
FastCGI and SCGI Server implement both FastCGI and SCGI servers
Fixargs does a search and replace to change use of dotted parameters x. and y. etc. to x and y in scripts and labs
FFT Utils provides windowing and other utility functions useful when using the FFT addon
GL Image provides ad hoc image creator verb, which generates images based on gl2 script definition and size
GPS Waypoint Utils defines utilities for processing GPS waypoints from GPX, GoogleEarth KML and csv POI (Point of Interest) files
HTTP Get given an URL downloads the resource from the Internet
I Ching ideogram builder
INI Files defines covers of the Windows API functions for reading and writing INI (*.ini) files
Julian Day Date converts dates and times to and from Julian days. Included are verbs for; converting local system time to UTC/GMT time and back, and customizing the formating of dates and times
Keyed Lists deals with 2-dimensional arrays of boxes where each row is a data record and one column, usually column 0, is a key field. Verbs are provided to retrieve from and operate on such arrays
Logger provides routines for logging messages and (optionally) displaying them in a small window. See "exampleUses" at the end of the script for examples of how you might use these capabilities
Morse transforms normal text to morse code
Nonblocking Web Server implement a simple nonblocking web server
OLE Excel reads and writes Excel spreadsheets using Windows OLE
OpenOffice demonstrate how to open OOo calc using ole32 api
Pan View is a prototype of fast image panning using indexed subset of the original image in a view
Picture Database is a simple demonstration of how to store pictures in database
Plot 3D Plotting boolean 3-array, roughly equivalent to 3D version of viewmat. Also plots a list of 3-coordinates similarly
Pretty-Printer pretty prints J scripts
Pump routs TCP connections and requests to particular servers through designated ports of other servers. Good to fool VPN to expose its machines to non-member connections
Real-time Plot shows how to make real-time plot updated at regular intervals using the timer event
Quad Explorer provides a tool for exploring Quadratic Equations. This can be used for teaching at a high school maths level
QDoJ provides a dyadic verb, qdoj that allows you to easily quote the J Dictionary (Dictionary of J, DoJ). The utility should make it easier for J users to communicate with each other regarding the documentation, as well as providing a method to automatically build data from the documentation (for example, the mapping of 3!:0 onto human-readable names from the 3!: page)
Scheme is a minimal Scheme interpreter
Serialization as hierarchical persistence for J objects in an executable and human readable format, leveraging dynamically typed and interpreted environment
Session Utilities is a collection of useful tools for J Session Manager, such as selecting global definitions, etc
Set Game is a GUI version of the Set card game described in the Set Game essay
Splitter control for dynamically resizing boundary between two or more controls. Has a vertical and horizontal variety. Capable of having multiple splitters in one window
Stereo Plot produces stereo view of 3D plots
Sudoku by Hand provides 3 dyadic verbs entries, removals, and tryHard that provide a non-GUI facility for manually solving Su Doku grids. The scripts a) check your entries and removals for validity given the current state of the grid you are solving, and b) display extra information about those valid possibilities in each grid cell
Task allows to run external processes using command-line interface and input-output streams. Updated for 64-bit
Text UI Text User Interface prototype
Tracer steps through the process of tracing a J sentence
Treeview implements a treeview control in J
Trig Explorer provides a tool for exploring Trigonomic Equations. This can be used for teaching at a high school maths level
Turnstile Rotary Enigma puzzle consisting of two overlapping circular disks, which can be thought of 2D Rubik's Cube
Ufread reads unicode text files in various formats
UnZip extracts a Zip archive to a specified directory
PSE4Update provides a example for updating a PSE4 Organizer database
Vigenère Cipher is method of encryption that uses a series of different Caesar ciphers based on the letters of a keyword
Viewmat Spy Dynamically patches viewmat to show the current mouse position and corresponding color in that point
WD Spy Used to trace all wd input and output to help debug your code or learn how others' works
Windows Direct IO provides a J API for Windows Direct I/O. The verbs read sectors and return disk device information. Also, there is sample verb for copying a file with read errors
WS save variables to file, allows J variables to be written to and from files
Zip Trees zips and unzips directory trees using the arc/zip Addon
Zoom View is a prototype of fast image zooming using indexed nearest neighbor interpolation