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This script is an editable version of wdview. This will be added to the J602 scripts.

For now, you can download the script File:Jview.ijs and save it in ~addons/misc, or replace the script system/classes/view/jview.ijs.

Please send any comments to Chris Burke.

The arguments to wdview are:

x is optional window name

y is text  or  header;text [;options...]

options are in one of two forms:

1. a boxed list of up to 4 flags:

   wrap;print;top;edit (default 0;1;0;0)

2. a character list of keywords delimited by commas and/or blanks, all default 0 if not given:

   wrap, noprint, top, edit

Here edit means the form is editable.

When the form is closed, then if there is a verb view_result__COCREATOR, it is called. The argument is a return code, optionally followed by text. If the OK button is pressed, the result is:

   0;updated text

Otherwise, result is:

   1;original text

For example:

   load 'jview'       NB. or load '~addons/misc/jview.ijs'
   view_result=: smoutput
   wdview 'header text';'bodytext';'edit'